Helpful informational links

Updated at April 06, 2020

CNET– Are you thinking about buying a laptop other than an Apple, or maybe thinking about getting a new Digital Camera but not sure if it is Cannon or Nikon, well CNET is a good place to take a look at reviews to see what might work best for you, and your wallet.

Digital Truth– An excellent source to look up various times and dilutions for processing your black and white film.

Luminos– Are you in a Circle of Confusion when it comes to reading MTF charts? If so this site is a good place to start in answering some of your FAQ’s about some of Photography’s finer points.

Kuler– So are you trying to sort out the color palette for your website, or perhaps the right color scheme for that poster you are designing for a class, well Kuler by Adobe is an interesting website that handles various aspects of color theory. Take a look you might be surprised with how cool it is.

Photoshop Shortcuts – Are you tired of always going to the menu bar to make a new layer or pull up a color palette, well download this handy shortcut guide for Photoshop from Smashing Magazine.

UPDIG – Up up with Digital. So are you trying to figure out color balancing and monitor calibration and as well as how to make the image look the best it can on the computer? If so this is an excellent resource to check out.