MICA Photo Equipment Check-Out

Updated at April 16, 2020

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MICA Photo Crib
Main, M090 (?)

Open Daily, 8:30am–11pm, Lunch Break from noon–1pm, Dinner Break from 6–7pm.
Hours are subject to change during School Breaks, Holidays, Summer Sessions, etc. 

The Photo Crib provides both darkroom and film processing equipment (negative carriers, grain focusers, enlarger lenses, developing tanks, film reels, thermometers, can openers, scissors) as well as scanning and digital printing equipment (negative scanning trays, rocket blowers, film cloths, fluid mounted scanning supplies, inkjet papers).

The Crib is also stocked with digital and film cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting, and sound recording equipment. 

Photography Majors and Concentrators may check out equipment from the Photo Crib for seventy-two hours at a time. Reserve equipment online and pick up at the Crib at your desired time. Feel free to stop by to check-out equipment in-person, as well.

Reserve Equipment  through WEBCHECKOUT.

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