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Jan Meyer '87 Photography Traveling Fellowship

In 1988, a generous gift from Janis Meyer, an alumnus of MICA who received an M.F.A. in photography, made it possible to endow a travel fellowship for senior photography students.  This year marks the 32nd  anniversary of this generous fellowship. Between $4,000 – 5,000. will be awarded to a deserving senior photography student to travel in the U.S. or abroad for a photographic project.

The recipient of this fellowship will agree to have an exhibition of their photographic work or other appropriate media at MICA, which represents their experience.  The show usually takes place in March of the following year.  All Photography Majors have the opportunity to apply for this fellowship during their senior year and are encouraged to do so. 


Image above: Texas is the Reason, David Billet and Ian Kline '17

Images from this series in their publication of Rabbit/Hare