Jacqueline Foss '20 recipient for Getty Images and Verizon Media award for disability-focused grant

April 08, 2020

Getty Images and Verizon Media awarded $40,000 in awards to five photographers, as part of first-ever Disability-Focused Creative Grant program. The grants will support and encourage talent as they work to convey the stories, lives and realities of the disability community through imagery. Congratulations to the winners but especially to our own wonderful recipient Jacqueline Foss  #TheDisabilityCollection#DisabilityStories#IDPWD

Senior Jacqueline Foss is a fine art photographer in Baltimore, MD and VA, who uses self-portrait therapy to express what it is like to live with chronic ailments. She uses the stark reality that photography presents to document and create a trail of proof to invisible illness.

“Chronic pain does not look different from healthy people around us. Having an invisible illness is an isolating experience. There is a misconception that we can not be both a sufferer and a survivor. I go through each day being honest and open about the limitations encroaching my health circumstances. Discussing our body’s boundaries needs a space in a society where it is encouraged instead of restrictive.

Through Beneath the Skin, I make the invisible visible to others. It can be difficult to explain to others how sick you really feel. Regardless of whether you can see someone’s illness, it is important to recognize the validity of these struggles.
Please email me if you would like to participate in my ongoing project that sheds light on what it is like to live with a chronic invisible condition.”

Each of the five Bursary recipients have been invited to license their award-winning content through, at a 100% royalty rate for imagery created within their proposed project, and are also invited to receive guidance and mentorship from a Getty Images Art Director, as well as a feature on Getty Images’ Creative Insights website.

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Jacqueline Foss