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Alumni of the MICA Photography can be found practicing their craft in all sectors within the art world, pushing boundaries as image makers, teachers, curators, and writers. For more information on alumni visit the alumni bio page.


Akea Brionne Brown '18, 

Elle Pérez ’11 

Art 21

Whitney Biennale

Daniel Shea ‘07 


Akea Brionne Brown ‘18


Rose Marie Cromwell ’05

Jim Burger ‘81

Adam Golfer ’07

Art 21

Jack Sorokin ‘15

Phylicia Ghee ’10

Angelo Ries ’18  

Adam Pape ’06

Jade Warner ’17

Rafael Soldi ’09

Jenny Ferretti ’07

Erin Fender ’16

Nat Raum ’18

Corinne May Botz ’99

Sydney Cook '18

Evie Metz 17'

David Billet  '17


Ian Kline '17


Deyane Moses 19'

Peter F. Miller '16

Jan Staller '70

Rafael Soldi '09

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